3. Social mapping: Discovering local patterns and documenting and catalyzing change.

Social Mapping is a continuous process that consists of an online mapping tool and a series of street interviews and interventions that are documented with video/audio and photos, and uploaded to an online map. More than just collecting stories and data, it will enhance the concrete local presence and engage people. The project aims at a dynamic and hybrid mapping that combines qualitative, quantitative and spatial data over time to show both emerging patterns and urban change.

Mapping becomes a tool to develop goals, strategies and to reveal indicators of change. It can be used to smartly manage the processes towards vibrant and inclusive communities. An initial extensive and explorative mapping may be used to create a baseline that allows to set goals and indicators for the following mappings. This first mapping can also determine where and how it will be most useful to intervene “on the ground” with local hubs. The new patterns that emerge from continuous mappings can be analyzed in relation to the indicators of change in what will be a learning and evaluation process. This provides an agile approach that allows to look into the effects of the various actions taken, making it easy to spot any necessary changes that need to be made to the strategy of the process.