Urban Education Live (UEL) will create and test a new model of collaboration between universities and urban communities. In this model, universities act as catalysts of urban change through trans-educational urban capacity building. Both local communities and the learning process of students will benefit from this collaboration model.

Social Mapping will build a local agenda with a high sensitivity to situated knowledge. UEL establishes Local Hubs for learning and doing that create new networks and foster local innovative ecologies. The project will develop a flexible set of methods, technologies and theories that makes it possible to test and implement the model on a larger scale.


Drawing on earlier lessons learned, UEL develops a set of innovative approaches for inclusive, vibrant and accessible urban communities:

1. New role of the university

2. Urban capacity building

3. Social mapping

4. Local hubs for learning and doing.

Partners and their focus

University of Ljubljana and IPOP – Role of University – IPOPCentre for Spatial Sociology  

Tampere School of ArchitectureUrban Capacity Development

Sheffield School of Architecture Local Hubs

ATU and Ion Mincu University, BucharestSocial Mapping

Funded by JPI Urban Europe – ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF)